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Best Forex Book


What’s the Best Forex Trading Book on Technical Analysis?

This is the question that all new traders ask when they want to be professional!

If you are looking for the best trading book to learn technical analysis you are in the right webpage.

For every book below you will find a review and a link for read more informations and other opinions from who has bought the book by Amazon. Moreover you can buy the book directly from the Amazon page, the biggest and more economical library in the world.

Best trading book

John J Murphy

Best Book of Technical Analysis MurphyLet’s start with the book considered by many traders ‘The Bible of the Technical Analysis‘, the masterpiece of Technical Analysis of Financial Markets by John J. Murphy

In my opinion it is the best trading book of technical analysis ever.

The manual of trading written by Murphy is exhaustive, clear and well deepens every topic. Are little more than 400 pages, the language is simple, enjoyable reading and is recommended for all traders, experts or novices.

Any book of technical analysis you will buy today, I’m sure, sooner or later, this manual trading will be part of your library.

Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets

Martin J. Pring

Best Trading Book PringBelow we have another masterpiece: Technical Analysis Explained by Martin J. Pring

Pring book is also considered one of the best trading books of technical analysis.

The Pring trading guide o technical analysis is even more exhaustive than Murphy book, but maybe the language is a bit more difficult.

Martin Pring is a pioneer in trading teaching and it was one of the first traders to publish their secrets in a trading book.

More technical and suitable for those who trade for years, the Pring book, it may be less suitable for those who are approaching for the first time to the online trading.

I would still recommend a reading of this masterpiece !

Technical Analysis Explained


Perry J. Kaufman

Trading-system-bookAre you interested in Trading System? Trading Systems and Methods written by Perry J. Kaufman is the book for you!

The book explains the tools and techniques of successful trading to help traders develop a program that meets their own unique needs.

This new edition offers expanded coverage in nearly all areas, including trends, momentum, arbitrage, integration of fundamental statistics, and risk management.
Comprehensive and in–depth, the book describes each technique and how it can be used to a trader′s advantage, and shows similarities and variations that may serve as valuable alternatives.

Trading Systems ans Method

Larry Williams

Trading-forex-book-Larry-WilliamsOn your trading library the trading book Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading by Larry Williams is a must!

If you are wondering who is Larry Williams, you have to know that in a trading competition with real money, he leavened $ 10,000 in $ 1.1 million within 12 months.

Larry Williams is a legend, a trader which we use to see only in the Hollywood movies.

I think reading this book about his best trading strategies should be your best investment !!

Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term trading

Connors and Raschke

trading-book-connorsHave you ever heard of the two traders Connors and Raschke? I suppose yes.

They climbed the Olympus of traders thanks to some pattern that you can find on their famous trading book: Street Smart.

The most famous pattern is IDNR4, that even though the name is a little bit ‘cryptic’ at first sight, it is easy to learn and profitable if you will use it in your trading plan.

Reading the book is not heavy, and the patterns are really good: practical, easy and above all very effective.

Street Smarts

The pattern created by the authors of the book trading signals are all oriented to the short term, perfect for scpalper and forex market.

The IDNR4 pattern is so good the we have created an Expert Advisor for Metatrader 4.

Click here to get more info about the strategy and how get a free expert advisor !

Steve Nison

Japanese CandlestickDo you like Candlestick pattern?

So you need the trading book Japanese Candlestick Charting Tecniques of Steve Nison !

You will find all the patterns with Japanese Candlesticks, with the explanation about the reasons of the meaning of each pattern.

Of course, there are many books on the candles … but everyone else is a cut and paste of this masterpiece.

Why choose the surrogate when we can have the original product???

Hammer, Shooting Star, Engulfing, and much more.

Japanese Candlestick Charting Tecniques

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