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One of the safest broker forex is definitely iForex.
The company, known for years in the world of trading, is one of the most famous broker in online trading.

When you think of iForex the first thing that comes to mind is ‘security’.
In fact the broker invests heavily in order to offer its customers a secure trading environment.
The three main features of iForex are:

  • CySec Regulated
  • Fast Withdrawal Broker
  • Negative Balance Protection

Negative Balance Protection

The third point it is very important. Thanks to this innovation, the trader will never have to deal with a bill that is in red negative account… iForex restores balance to Zero!
Because of the very high leverage and  some very fast movements in the fx market, such as the change in the EUR/CHF of some time ago, it is very easy to see our balance jump by tens of thousands of euro in positive or negative. But if I keep on the account 1000 or 2000 Euros and a such movement happen again, we can imagine two scenarios:

  • Positive scenario: a gain of several thousand euro
  • Negative scenario: loose all the money on the account … but if on the account I have 2000 euro … I can not lose more than 2000!!

This may seem trivial, but I assure you that not all brokers offer this level of security to its customers. There are some who close clients positions after these movements, but if the balance is negative, ask their customer to send money and fix the account.

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